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ALGENE likes to paint and enjoys the challenge of painting things he wouldn’t think to paint on his own. As an original and custom artwork painter, he creates pet portraits, house portraits, paintings of heirlooms, portraits or works featuring interests or hobbies. Practically anything, really.

Further, his pen and ink drawings fall in the category of wimmelbild and often depict otherworld abstractions and animals created from many different elements.

Animals are central figures in many of his commissions, pen and inks as well as his own original paintings.

He also creates original art jewelry. Think of it as “art you can wear” and each piece of jewelry comes with a certificate of authenticity. Check Algene’s website to see samples. You might learn a bit more from his blog. He shares the website with A. Steele, the abstract artist. Literally, two artists sharing one brain.

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Pet Portraits


House Portraits

People Portraits

Paintings of Heirlooms or Memories

Paintings of Your Favorite Things

Or, original, custom paintings of practically anything—limited only by your imagination


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