A. Steele

Abstract Artist

A.STEELE is an abstract painter. He’s always been drawn to abstract art and appreciates the challenge of painting meaningful abstractions. For decades he has tried to create the perfect abstract painting. After many interesting attempts through the years, he was recently introduced to the jewelry designs of Greg Urda. That encounter provided the key to integrate his earlier discoveries from his meanderings into a edinstinctive whole. He believes his new series called “Circles in Circles” is a good start in the right direction.

His minimalist approach to the “circle of life” theme pays homage to the work of personal favorites Arthur Dove, in some works of the late 30s and early 40s, as well as, Robert Delauney (ca 1912), his Simultanism, and, perhaps more so, Orphism, coined by French poet and art critic Guillaume Apollinaire; all with perhaps a bit of synthetic synaesthism thrown in here and there. Thus far, the path has yielded a rich terrain of endless ideas for new images.

A. Steele is looking to put his art on walls in homes, businesses, staged homes and/or galleries. If you like paintings that are “deep” and minimal, as well as colorful, you will like this current series “Circles in Circles.” Check his website and blog to see how things are progressing.

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A. Steele

If you any questions about the “Circles in Circles” series, the latest or upcoming works in the series, take a look at the website shared with the artist, Algene; check out their blog, or email A. Steele at asteele.steelewallsunlimited@gmail.com

Here are the latest five images in the series (more can be seen on the website or in the blog):

“Creative Life”

“Grandmother’s Big Trip”

“Life of a Toddler”

“In Over Your Head”

“Life Over Easy”


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